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Hitman 2 Is Coming

June is E3 time, so it should come as no surprise to learn that a number of new games have been announced in recent times. One excellent example is Hitman 2, which will be the follow-up to 2016’s Hitman.


Given the positive reception to Hitman, there are a lot of people out there who are hoping that Hitman 2 will be even better, though what this means can see a fair amount of variation from person to person.


What Are Some of Our Hopes For Hitman 2?

First and foremost, most people will mention the most obvious points of potential improvement. For example, most people will want to have as much content as possible without having to pay for it in the form of DLC, which is a perfectly natural sentiment.


Likewise, most people will want to have more locations, more costumes, and more of other kinds of content as well. Generally speaking, these are things that go without saying for just about all of the players out there for all of the games out there.


With that said, there are some points of potential improvement that are particularly important for Hitman 2 because of its nature as a stealth game. For example, a wider range of weapons tends to be critical for stealth games because that provides the player with a wider range of ways to solve the problems presented to them by the game.


Fortunately, IO Interactive seems to be stepping up in this regard because it has been confirmed that concussive gadgets will be introduced, which is exciting news because they will be able to render characters unconscious. Moreover, Hitman 2 will be re-introducing the briefcase as well, which will enable the player to carry weapons of significant size in public in open sight without causing a commotion in the process.



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Speaking of which, one hopes that Hitman 2 will follow-up on the good examples set by its predecessors by having enemies with a reasonable measure of intelligence, which can be rather challenging to balance. After all, enemies that are too clever can make a stealth game too challenging, whereas enemies that are too stupid can rob people of the satisfaction of playing them.


Hopefully, Hitman 2 will be able to achieve the optimum balance between these two contrasting ends, while combining it with an even greater attention on detail that can make a stealth game truly great.


On a final note, it has been revealed that Hitman 2 will have a co-op multiplayer mode, which is something that its predecessor lacked. This is interesting news on its own, but if IO Interactive is planning to implement one co-op multiplayer mode, one can’t help but be curious about whether there will be more, particularly since the nature of the game makes for plenty of intriguing possibilities.


Further Considerations


Regardless, Hitman 2 is set to be released on November 13 of 2018, which is no more than a short time into the future. Based on this, it seems reasonable to state that it is in the final stages of the production process, meaning that more information should be released in the coming months.


As a result, interested individuals should have more than enough to make an informed decision on whether to buy Hitman 2 as soon as possible, wait until Hitman 2 is on sale, or skip over it altogether.