Grip combat racer


What Is Grip?


Grip is a combat racer that interested individuals can expect to see on a number of platforms in the near future. For people who remember the PlayStation One, Grip is being marketed as something of a spiritual successor to Rollcage.


However, people who have no idea what that might be should know that Grip will let interested individuals tear through futuristic settings with futuristic vehicles that can continue moving forward on either the ground, the walls, and even the ceiling. Combined with the fact that weapons will be featured in a prominent manner in Grip, it seems safe to say that the game promises to be a rather exciting experience.


What Can We Expect From Grip?


As stated, Grip will be set in a futuristic setting. In total, it will be featuring 15 vehicle models for its players. Some of these vehicle models will be available from the start. In contrast, other vehicle models will have to be unlocked by playing through the game, which is normal.


Naturally, Grip will be offering a number of ways to customize the look of vehicles such as wheels and paint-coats, thus ensuring that interested individuals can have vehicles that match their personal sense of aesthetics.




Grip combat racer



Moving on, there will be 18 race tracks, which range from urban landscapes to those that are more natural in appearance. However, the most interesting part is that each stage has been designed to take advantage of Grip‘s choice to make not just the ground but also the walls and the ceiling traversable.


Combined with a solid physics engine, that kind of design should enable some memorable stunts that will set the hearts of players pounding with excitement.






Finally, no description of a combat racer would be complete without mentioning something about the weapons that can be found on the race tracks. Some of the options are rather orthodox in nature, with examples ranging from missiles and machine guns.


However, other pick-ups will be somewhat more exotic so as to take full advantage of the game’s sci-fi appearance. One example is the shield, which might not be particularly exciting but will nonetheless prove useful in the times to come. Meanwhile, another example is the time warp, which will have the unusual effect of speeding up the user while reducing their opponents to a crawl.


Further Considerations


The release date for Grip has not been revealed at this point in time. However, interested individuals should know that there is a method for them to find out whether it is suitable for their personal preferences or not. In short, Grip has been on Steam Early Access since 2016, meaning that interested individuals have been able to play the incomplete game for some time.


Buying it should provide them with a chance to see what the game is like, but they need to remember that it is still incomplete, meaning that it has not been polished to the extent that most people would expect of a finished product.