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Will Mega Man 11 Revive The Mega Man Franchise?


Mega Man is a video game franchise which was created by Capcom. It stars a robot character known as a Mega Man. The first one was released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment. Mega Man 11 is an upcoming project which is yet to be released later this year.


It is a new action platform for playing video games. It is the 11th entry in Mega Man original series that Capcom is working on. It is also known as Rockman 11. Mega Man 11 tends to maintain the sharpness of the artists. It has an expressive character and vibrant colors. The jumping and running feel extremely perfect.


Since Mega Man 10, released by 2010, Mega Man 11 is the first Mega Man game. It as 3D graphics while Mega Man 10 had an 8-bit aesthetic which was inspired by NES originals. The Mega Man games have sold up to 32 million games. Double gear is a system introduced in the trailer of the new Mega Man 11, allowing players to use their new abilities.



Mega Man 11 gameplay




The new system strains the Mega Man causing the bar to overheat. In such cases, the Mega Man has to wait until it is possible to use Double Gear once more. The Mega Man will have an acting voice which sounds a little more decent than the previous ones.


Capcom surprised the Mega Man’s fans when they announced the coming of the 11th game series. This happened after the character designer left the company in the year 2010, leaving the idea of the game ending. The Mega Man 11 will be making a super comeback after 8 years with a game looking like a loving tribute to the tenets of the franchise.







Mega Man 11 has a visual style evocative of its previous concept which was original art. Capcom has shown emphasize playability over flashiness in that the Mega Man appears tiny on-screen. In the series, NES entries have fallen in the trap which makes the characters look larger than the screen dimensions hence crowding its action.


Mega Man series appears to be dead. The previous Mega Man was way much better than the Mega Man 11. It looks nice and appealing but also feels awful. The Mega Man’s fans find it awkward. Despite its arm being able to transform into new shapes when equipping the robot master, one tool that has been seen so far does not shake up its design orthodoxy.


Therefore, Mega Man 11 does not look new anymore. It looks like older games, except the polygons part. This is a big blow to the franchise. Mega Man has always demonstrated a very strong awareness of its legacy. The previous series has been able to use the past to make that point for facing backward hit, and eventually, it worked.


Mega Man is known for destroying copies of the previous robot master. Capcom has simply adapted games during the new releases. The Mega Man franchise is mired in its own past, which is not a problem if the series seems to be moving forward too. Mega Man has never had much luck though of moving forward. Capcom tries to push it into the 3rd dimension making it incorporate the traditional platform hence ends up in a wrong side of disastrous.