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Cyberpunk 2077 is a role-playing video game which is upcoming and was developed by CD Projekt Red. The team came to E3 this year with a demo for the next game which lasts for 50 minutes. Cyberpunk comprises both lowlife and high technologies, which features advance scientifically and technologically achievements. The demo was a showcase of the game’s feature set as it showed the developer’s capabilities as a studio.


Cyberpunk 2077 is an open world game which is narrative -driven played from the perspective of the first person. The player assumes the role of V. The developer, CD Projekt Red, promises a creator of Robust character allowing the player to select their gender, appearance, background, and class. The selection of all these will determine how Cyberpunk 2077 plays out.


Players, therefore, interact with Night City which is an incredible open world. Due to this metropolis comprising of six different areas, players take advantage of future technology letting autonomous cars drive which takes place from one area to another to focus on combat.



Cyberpunk 2077 enemies image. Is Cyberpunk 2077 Overhyped




Cyberpunk 2077’s designs have raised a concern to players about the first-person perspective of the game. There is a fear that the first person is made for the shooter hence the character customization may be pointless.


The developer thought of making the game feel like they were in the body of the character they control, choosing whether you are a male or a female depending on the player’s preference. Customizing your hero makes it even more interesting. The purpose was to put you in the shoe and the body of the character.


This game has the first person’s perspective to offer a great sense of immersion. In the demo, V emerge from mega building in the City Center, CD Projekt staff moved the camera to keep soaking everything in making it possible for the kind effect that drove them to move to the first-person.


There came a possibility of doing environmental stuff from first-person’s perspective that would not have been done as the third person. You can also disable the enemies by hacking your enemies’ dead friends and infecting them with the virus. Therefore, the developer assures the fans that they will have many opportunities to see their character.






There are different types of damages that can be avoided and inflicted. Combat is ranked as a highly strategic affair in this game as a major aspect that players will have to deal with damages that could have been avoided and afflicted. A player can, therefore, tell which enemy what type of damage using its scanning abilities.


Post-release support is in plenty. As shown in the demo, Cyberpunk 2077 will follow in the footsteps of The Witcher 3’s in terms of the ability to download content and post-launch support. Implants are got to learn new languages and skills while playing plenty of roles. V learns new abilities in the course of the game. The additional skills come in form of cybernetic implants that are purchased. Players use them to convert the language to that which NPCs can speak.


Cyberpunk 2077 is confirmed for PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Windows PC, even though the release date has not been confirmed. According to the developer, Cyberpunk 2077 is an advanced technology that is more powerful and takes advantage of the future. The character creation and multiple classes will be included. The team will focus on a developing story and multiplayer may be taken into consideration to add online features to their titles.