could soul calibur VI be the best


Soul Calibur VI Is Coming Out


Soul Calibur VI is coming out on October 19 of 2018. As a result, a fair amount of information has been released about the fighting game, including a number of trailers featuring some of the characters that interested individuals can expect to see it. On the whole, there are some encouraging signs, which should come as welcome news to long-standing fans of the fighting game franchise.


Why Does Soul Calibur VI Look Promising?


For starters, Soul Calibur VI is the same as its predecessors in the sense that its characters will be fighting with weapons while moving on a 3D plane. This is one of the characteristics that provide the fighting game franchise with its characteristic look, which is something that it has managed to hold on to for some time.



could soul calibur VI be the best




Story-wise, Soul Calibur VI will be re-examining the events of Soul Calibur I. However, it won’t be a straight-up remake of that particular installment, meaning that there should be more to its narrative than a re-treading of familiar ground. In fact, the people behind Soul Calibur VI have outright promised that the narrative of the upcoming game will be uncovering “hidden truths,” though it remains unclear what that will mean at this point in time.


Regardless, the setting for Soul Calibur VI might be more interesting because this means a renewed focus on the characters that Soul Calibur fans are most familiar with rather than the newcomers who were introduced in Soul Calibur V. This should come as welcome news to a fair number of Soul Calibur fans, seeing as how there was a considerable backlash at the absences in the line-up in Soul Calibur V.


However, it will be interesting to see whether there will be something similar in Soul Calibur VI, seeing as how the setting means that the chances of the Soul Calibur V characters showing up are not particularly high.







With that said, it is worth mentioning that while Soul Calibur VI will be examining the story of Soul Calibur I, this doesn’t mean that it won’t have new characters. Most people who have been paying attention should already be familiar with the fact that Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series will be making it in. However, it has been confirmed that there will be other new characters such as Groh as well. Something that should please those who are interested in an expanded roster.


Game-play-wise, Soul Calibur VI is looking familiar for the most part. However, it will be introducing a new mechanic called Reversal Edge, which should provide players with increased options when on the defense. Something that is in line with general trends in the fighting game genre.


Summed up, Soul Calibur VI is looking rather promising. However, there is still some time to go, meaning that interested individuals will want to continue paying attention to see whether it is really suited to their personal tastes or not before making a final decision when it comes out.