fresh tetris effect


Tetris Remains Popular


It has been more than three decades since the initial release of Tetris by the Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov, who was working as a computer engineer for the Soviet Union at the time. However, the tile-matching game has managed to retain its popularity, as shown by the fact that various versions of Tetris can be found on all of the platforms that exist out there. With that said, the sheer popularity of Tetris means that its gameplay should be familiar to most people out there, which makes it that much more interesting when something manages to stand out from its counterparts.


How Does A Fresh Tetris Effect Stand Out From Other Tetris Games?


For example, people who are fond of Tetris but need something to make it fresh for them once more might want to check out Tetris Effect, which is an upcoming release for the PlayStation 4 that was announced before E3. Some people might be curious about whether Tetris Effect is named for the Tetris effect or not. If so, they are right to be curious because that is indeed the case.


As for people who have never heard of the Tetris effect, it is when someone spends so much time doing something that it begins showing up in their thoughts in a persistent pattern. For example, one person might dream about falling tetrominos in their dreams, while another person might outright hallucinate falling tetrominos while they are awake, which is a more extreme manifestation of the same phenomenon.




fresh tetris effect



Regardless, Tetris Effect will retain the core mechanics that should be familiar to most people out there. However, it will liven things up with its music as well as its 3D animated background, which will be changing in close correspondence with the player’s actions. Numbering 30 stages in total that will be featuring everything from abstract patterns to depictions of windmills, Tetris Effect promises to provide a memorable play-through experience, particularly when its players chose to experience it through VR.


Game-play information is a little sparse for the time being. However, interested individuals might be heartened to know that the people behind this release are true veterans of the video game industry with a good reputation behind them. One is Mizuguchi Tetsuya, who started out working for Sega in 1990 but has since gone on to found his own company.


The other is Henk Rogers, who should be familiar to Tetris enthusiasts as one of the two co-founders of the Tetris Company. In other words, there is a considerable amount of expertise and experience behind Tetris Effect, meaning that it is not unreasonable to believe that it might be able to achieve its aim of providing interested individuals with a truly mesmerizing experience.


Further Considerations


With that said, interested individuals can check out the trailer that has been released for Tetris Effect to see whether it is something that they might be interested in or not. Moreover, they might want to keep a watchful eye out because as the release date approaches, more information is bound to be released.