pokemon red and blue



Remember Playing Pokemon Red and Blue?


Pokémon as a franchise has been around since February of 1996. First released in Japan, Pokémon Red and Green were the first Pokémon games to hit the Eastern market and shortly after, Blue reached Japan audiences in October of later that same year. The games flourished in Japan and once it reached Western markets in 1998, it was the start of something spectacular.


Pokémon Red and Blue made it over to North America in September of 1998. Pokémon Yellow was actually released in Japan in early September of ‘98 but was well known to western audiences as well. These games absolutely ruled the playground. It was hard to find a kid under the age of 15 that hadn’t at least heard of one of these versions. People all over the globe couldn’t get enough of these legendary pocket monsters.


Would You Go Back and Play These Three Original Pokémon Games Today?


Recently, Gigs and Mack from GigamaxGames.com discovered their original Pokémon Red and Blue cartridges and searched everywhere for their classic Game Boys. The only thing they found was a Game Boy Advance which could still play those classic square cartridges and instantly they dove back into this incredible world. Not expecting much, maybe a nice trip down memory lane, but that’s all. Both of these gamers were shocked when they found themselves unable to pull themselves away from these pixelated masterpieces.


Pokémon has come so far from its original state. 3D graphics, detailed environments, and an additional 655 Pokémon added to the universe all brought this game so far from where it originated. Even so, the original was a well built and an enjoyable experience, not just for its day but also when compared to modern versions. The developers never strayed too far from the foundation that was established with the originals.







Of course, there have been massive upgrades like graphics, UI, and playability, but Nintendo, Game Freak, Niantic, The Pokémon Company, Bandai Namco Entertainment and all those involved in the progression of the game since its inception have continued to improve on the title for two decades.


What To Keep In Mind When Playing Pokémon Blue and Red Again?


Younger people that may have never even held an original Game Boy can get a lot out of playing Blue and Red in particular. Seeing where this massive franchise originated can help people really see how the games have evolved. Those that grew up with all the Pokémon games will get so much out of revising Blue and Red. A nostalgic trip down memory lane and a new found appreciation for the modern generation games.


However, with all the positives that come along with playing the original Pokémon games, there are a few things to keep in mind. When revisiting any classic game, gamers have to go into the experience with the right mindset. A game that was released 20 years ago won’t have the bells and whistles people have come to expect from video games today. If a person can get past that fact, the original Pokémon games are an enjoyable experience for anyone who love these spectacular pocket monsters.


This guest blog was written by Mack from GigamaxGames.com