upcoming spiderman game


Could The Upcoming Spiderman Game Be The Best In The Series?


From E3, it certainly looks like this is going to be the best Spiderman game in the series.


The upcoming Spiderman is going to have infamous villains Mr. Negative and Kingpin, as well as numerous others (Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture have been hinted as making appearances in the game). So, it’s no secret that fans of Spiderman are in for something special.


We’ve also received confirmation of DLC with even more content (and more characters). And that’s on top of the hyper realistic version of New York City, something that has become the staple of excellent Spiderman games. Insomniac has truly taken their time here, and this game will have an almost identical layout, featuring eye catching landmarks (both real and from the Marvel universe).



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Some examples of this include the Avengers Tower, Sanctum Sanctorum and the Embassy of Wakanda. It remains to be seen whether the accompanying characters will be in the Spiderman game (we think they will though!).



upcoming spiderman game




The graphics for this Spiderman are the best yet, and the gameplay looks phenomenal, swinging around New York City in a newly designed Spidey suit has never been more cinematic and fluid, and thanks to Insomniac players will feel engrossed by the Marvel Universe. And while some of the old school side quests have been ditched, Insomniac has confirmed there’s going to be plenty of smaller missions to take part in (such as taking down criminal outposts, snapping photos and searching the city for items).


And of course, these side quests give players the ability to upgrade their gadgets and abilities, so there’s plenty of room for customization in this Spiderman.


What’s up with the new suit? Well, we don’t know the full story, but it centers around Peter Parker’s research experiments. But the citizens seem to enjoy it, and you’ll be interacting with them in the game. Insomniac wanted to give players a feel for being a superhero, and Spiderman will be able to interact with his fans.


While the storyline remains a mystery, we do know that Mary Jane will of course be making an appearance, even as a playable character. Aside from that, not much is known about the new Spiderman. Other than the fact that, the game itself looks and feels amazing.







Something that players loved about the Spiderman series, was the feeling of exploration and adventure that a sandbox style of gameplay presented. This has been a running theme in the Spiderman series, and one that continues on with this latest Spiderman game.


This game will take those old-style elements and add better graphics, gameplay, action and physics. The game itself looks so good, there’s nothing that inherently stands out to say that this game is anything less than its predecessors.


In fact, this Spiderman is going to be the best one yet, mainly due to Insomniac and Marvel’s mastery of the storyline and gameplay, but also because of the evolution of gaming consoles. Top of the line graphics allow for ultimately better games, giving Spiderman the boost it needs to become the best game yet in the series.