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What Is Pokemon Quest?


People might be most familiar with Game Freak because of the main installments of the Pokemon franchise, but it is important to note that it makes a wide range of other Pokemon games on a regular basis as well. One excellent example is Pokemon Quest, which is a free-to-start game that was released for the Nintendo Switch on May of 2018 but has since been made available on both iOS and Android (mobile Pokemon Quest) in June of 2018.


For those who are curious, Pokemon Quest is unmistakable because its characters use voxel-based designs that might be rather reminiscent of Minecraft characters, which might explain why its Pokemon are called Pokexel instead. The player’s main objective is to complete the levels by beating wild Pokemon with the Pokemon team that has been assembled at their base camp.



mobile pokemon quest




For the player to be successful, they will have to bring in new Pokemon for their team by preparing the right food, help their Pokemon fulfill their combat potential via training, and choose the right teams with the right synergies for the right missions. In total, Pokemon Quest starts with the first 151 Pokemon, which should come as welcome news to those who are most familiar with Generation I of Pokemon games.


Should Pokemon Quest Be on iOS and Android?


Some people might be wondering whether Pokemon Quest should be ported to iOS and Android or not. If so, their concern is unwarranted because the closeness of the release dates makes it clear that this was the intention from the start. Instead, a better question might be whether Pokemon Quest is well-designed for those platforms or not.


So far, the reviews have been somewhat mixed in nature. There are a lot of people who have described Pokemon Quest as being pleasant but nothing special in the long run. However, there is a fair amount of consensus that it is simple to pick up, which tends to be a crucial characteristic for mobile games. Fortunately, the nature of free-to-start mobile games means that interested individuals can expect Pokemon Quest to improve over time as its team continues to come up with new content while incorporating lessons learned from their missteps.


Unfortunately, there is no telling whether Pokemon Quest will secure enough support for that to be true, though it should be mentioned that current indications are positive. For proof, look no further than the fact that the mobile game had secured more than one million downloads within two days of its release, which is a rather respectable figure.







With that said, there is one other characteristic about Pokemon Quest that stands out, which is that it doesn’t seem as predatory as some of the other free-to-start mobile games that can be found out there. In short, a lot of free-to-start mobile games are designed to encourage their players to spend money on them by using a wide range of methods. For example, one such game might provide players with an initial deluge of resources, thus getting them accustomed to that state before cutting said flow to a trickle in order to get them to break their reluctance to spend.


Likewise, another such game might offer a regular succession of limited characters, limited skins, and the like, which serve much the same purpose. So far, Pokemon Quest hasn’t shown some of the nastier design decisions that can be found out there, which is perhaps unsurprising considering how protective Nintendo can be of its image.


Further Considerations


Interested individuals should give Pokemon Quest a shot to see whether it is something that they would want to play or not. After all, it is not a huge time waster, meaning that even if they are not interested, they won’t have wasted much of anything at all.