switch snk collection



Switch SNK Collection


So, the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is almost upon us. Gamers have been eagerly awaiting the release of these classic games for the Nintendo Switch console.


Set to release on November 13th in the United States, and slightly later for Europe and Asia, the website is already up and has a list of notable titles.


Which is great, but they aren’t the hit classics we’ve been expecting for the SNK Anniversary Collection


So far, it’s confirmed that TNK 3, Vanguard, Crystalis, P.O.W., Alpha Mission, Guerrilla and Street Smart are coming.


But where’s anything from Metal Slug? The outlandish run-and-gun quickly became an iconic arcade game of the 90s. It’s time for SNK to make a switch in their game collection.


Metal Slug


Known for excellent graphics, ridiculous explosions, and almost comedic storyline, Metal Slug is probably the most well-known of the Neo Geo game library, so it’s incredibly surprising that the title wasn’t mentioned right from the start.



Switch SNK Collection




It would be a travesty, no, a downright marketing disaster if Metal Slug never makes it to the Anniversary Collection. It has to be added!


The King of Fighters


And the same goes for The King of Fighters. Yet another fan favorite that went unannounced for the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. With plenty of characters to choose from, a near perfect control scheme, and a solid soundtrack, King of Fighters was a quintessential fighting game. Not to mention a game that garnered massive exposure for the SNK.



Switch SNK Collection




Fatal Fury Special



Switch SNK Collection



As of late, there’s no mention of Fatal Fury Special either. This fighting game introduced a new combo system and quicker gameplay, as well as more playable characters than its predecessor. No mention of this game for the 40th Anniversary Collection.




No SNK experience would be complete without Windjammers. This is essentially a reworked version of pong, but the nostalgia, intensity and enjoyment are all there. Players pick from any six characters and play what amounts to air hockey on a variety of terrain and courts. Windjammers brings back the arcade intensity and nostalgia we desperately need for the 40th Anniversary Collection.



Switch SNK Collection



So far, we haven’t heard anything about these games, and these aren’t the only games we know haven’t received a mention.


With a little over four months until launch, we are praying these titles get added to the collection. The trailer mentions that the final project will contain “over 13 of the hottest titles”, so we can expect more games to be added as we move forward.






Let’s just hope at least one of these games make it to the final collection! What do you think, should the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection include the likes of Metal Slug, The King of Fighters, and Fatal Fury Special?


Are there any other games that need to be included? Let us know!