zelda breath of wild cheat codes



Zelda Breath Of Wild Cheats Codes (Wii U)


Enhanced weapons, bows and shields


Complete the game and your next playthrough will give you random enhancements on any weapons, bows or shields that you acquire.


Weapons work with climate


A fire sword will raise Link’s temperature. An ice sword will decrease his temperature. These can be useful in certain areas.


Skip Blood Moon


When the Blood Moon is rising, go to a shrine just before midnight. Wait a good while and then leave. If you’ve done this correctly the Blood Moon will not have worked and enemies won’t respawn until the next Blood Moon.


Weapon Slot Without Using Korok Seeds


Before you pull the master sword, fill all your weapon slots. A free slot will automatically be added to make room for the master sword, and it won’t cost you any seeds.



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Change Rusty Items into Better Items


A rusty weapon or shield can be upgraded. Find a Rock Octorok and drop the item on the ground so that the Rock Octorok swallows it. It will spit out a better item!


Climbing walls to refill stamina, and climbing during rain


When you are going to climb, press B to let go of the wall and hold a direction facing the wall. Link will move in that direction in a jog, and this will refill your stamina. Repeating this lets you completely refill your stamina gage. But be aware that this doesn’t work on super steep cliff walls (you’ll fall!).


Infinite Sprinting (Whistle Sprinting)


Press down on the D-pad and tapping B over and over will keep you running and refill your stamina gauge. Use this to sprint as long as you’d like!


Arrow Farming (Pre-Patch)


Find a group of bokoblins riding on horseback that also have bows. Pan the camera so you can see Link from overhead and stand and gather the arrows that the bokoblins shoot at you. They will always miss if your camera is in the overhead position, and you can get many arrows this way.


Eventide Island


To get around the Eventide Island trial (the one that makes you lose all your equipment), toss your items on the island before you step on the shore. The items will be there after the trial.


Increase your max fairies


Grab the fairies and hold them, more will spawn. All you have to do is add them to your inventory and collect more. Dropping one fairies and holding five in your hands means that four more will appear and you can have twice as many this way.






Amiibo Rare Unlockables


Breath of the Wild Amiibos can be scanned once per day. These contain common or even rare items. Some items only appear once you have Epona or the Paraglider or complete the Divine Beast dungeon.








Zelda Breath Of Wild Cheats Codes (Nintendo Switch)


Change chuchu jelly type


You can change chuchu jelly types by using different elements on them. Fire will get you red jelly, ice will get you white jelly, and lightning will get you yellow jelly. There are several weapons will elemental properties in the game that work well for this. Or you can roast/freeze chuchu jelly like you would food (drop in fire or freezing water) to get red/white jelly.



Skip Rin Oyaa Shrine Puzzle


To skip the puzzle, take the orb and stand in the middle of where the orb is supposed to go. Put the orb down and use the Stasis Rune to freeze it. Then, run up to the platform that rises up and wait for the rune to wear off. The orb will roll into it’s place, raising the platform and thus, skipping the puzzle entirely.


Eventide Island Made Easy


On Eventide Island, if you drop things on the raft before stepping off of it onto the island, they will still be there after the cut scene. Use this to make clearing the island a breeze.


Infinite Stamina While Climbing


While climbing any uneven surface such as mountains, you can tap “B”, while pushing up, on any surface at or below 80 degrees. This will cause Link to begin running, allowing your stamina bar to refill on an edge you could otherwise not stand on. Just tap “B” right after link grabs the wall/cliff face and slide along this slope until your stamina refills on long climbs.


Master Sword Beam


A little secret in the game once you get the master sword, is that when you attempt to throw the blade, you will instead throw a beam out at full health. This is especially useful against Keese and Guardians because the beam isn’t affected by gravity.


Infinte Sprinting Without Depleting Stamina


Sprint forever by holding the “whistle” button (down) and pressing the “B” button repeatedly. Link will sprint forever and never tire. This is slightly slower than regular sprinting, so alternating between the two in a way that balances the stamina circle is the best method.


Easy Arrows (Pre-Patch)


To get a lot of arrows easily, find a relatively flat area with a few Bokoblin Archers on horseback, like south of the Tenah Ko’sah shrine in the Tabantha region. Get them to notice you, then angle the camera to a top-down view. If done right, the archers will shoot all around you, but never actually hit you. You can easily farm hundreds of arrows this way with no damage after a few in-game hours.