is devil may cry 2 underrated


Do You Remember Devil May Cry 2?


The Devil May Cry franchise returned to life when Capcom announced at E3 that there would be a follow-up called Devil May Cry 5, which is set to be released sometime in 2019. As a result, it is natural for people to be wondering about the earlier installments in the hack and slash series. After all, Devil May Cry 5 won’t be following up the Devil May Cry remake but rather Devil May Cry through 4, which explains its number.


Due to this, Devil May Cry 2 is a name that might have popped up in the minds of both Devil May Cry fans and potential Devil May Cry fans in recent times in recent times. After all, if they are not as familiar with Devil May Cry 1 through as they would like to be, now is the right time to correct that problem before their follow-up comes out.


What Are the Characteristics that Make Devil May Cry 2 Stand Out?


On the whole, Devil May Cry 2 met with something of a mixed reception in its time. For the most part, it was much the same as its predecessor in that the player controlled a character fighting their way through a horde of monsters via fast-paced hack and slash combat in an urban environment. However, the team behind Devil May Cry 2 went into the project with the deliberate intention of making changes based on the feedback received from the players of its predecessor, which proved to be somewhat controversial once implemented.




is devil may cry 2 underrated




For example, Devil May Cry 2 featured not one but two playable main characters. One was, of course, Dante, while the other was Lucia, a character who hasn’t exactly had the most prominent position in the franchise as a whole since that time. This choice to implement two playable main characters was based on complaints that Trish was not playable in Devil May Cry, so one can’t help but wonder why Lucia rather than Trish was chosen for the role in Devil May Cry 2.


Whatever the case, it is an excellent example of how the team behind Devil May Cry 2 went into the project by using feedback as guidance, with another excellent example being the significant increase in the size of the resulting title’s environments.


Unfortunately, some of the changes met with a less than enthusiastic response. For example, there were people who criticized the environments for being less detailed than their predecessors, which was perceived by the public as the outcome of a trade-off in exchange for bigger spaces. However, much of the negativity was focused on the combat system of Devil May Cry 2, which was seen as being less polished as well as more repetitive compared to that of its predecessor.




is devil may cry 2 underrated




Something that contributed to the fact that a lot of people saw it as being less challenging than Devil May Cry. Still, Devil May Cry 2 did quite well in a commercial sense in spite of the complaints, perhaps because its strengths made up for its weaknesses to some extent.


Should You Play Devil May Cry 2? Is Devil May Cry 2 Underrated? 


Regardless, there are bound to be people who are wondering whether they should play Devil May Cry 2 now that Devil May Cry 5 is set for release in the not too distant future. If so, the answer is a solid “Sure, why not?” Simply put, Devil May Cry 2 might be somewhat outdated in the sense that it comes from an earlier point in the existence of the Devil May Cry franchise, meaning that it lacks of a lot of the later refinements on the basic formula as well as the capabilities made possible by continuing technological advancements. However, it is not so outdated that the pleasure of playing through it is wholly lost, particularly since the focus of the Devil May Cry franchise is its fast-paced hack and slash combat more than anything else.







On top of this, it really has been a long time since the Devil May Cry remake came out. Never mind Devil May Cry 4, which is the actual predecessor to the upcoming title in terms of narrative. As a result, playing through Devil May Cry 2 as well as Devil May CryDevil May Cry 3, and Devil May Cry 4 might not be a bad idea for people to either learn about the roots of the franchise or refresh their memories in preparation for the next installment.


What Is the Best Way to Play Devil May Cry 2?


Fortunately, interested individuals have options if they are interested in playing Devil May Cry 2. First, Devil May Cry 2 was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001, meaning that tracking down one of those initial copies as well as one of those consoles is one potential option. With that said, this might not be a particularly practical option for a number of reasons, with examples ranging from the rather unreliable availability to the rather unstable prices of both items.


Instead, there is a much simpler and much more straightforward solution. In short, Devil May Cry 2 was packed into the Devil May Cry HD Collection along with both Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 3. Better still, the Devil May Cry HD Collection isn’t limited to the PlayStation 3 and 4 but has instead been made available on other platforms as well, with examples ranging from Microsoft Windows to Xbox One. As a result, it should be very convenient for interested individuals to just grab a copy of the Devil May Cry HD Collection through the purchasing method of their choice before plugging it into whatever it is that they use to play their games.


On top of that, the Devil May Cry HD Collection has been out for some time as well, meaning that interested individuals should have no problems securing a copy at a price that is acceptable to them. Something that is particularly true now because the upcoming release of Devil May Cry 5 means that they can probably expect sales at various places in the not so distant future.