Pokemon Go Vs The Walking Dead Our World


The Walking Dead Our World Could Cause More Injuries Than Pokemon Go


With eight seasons and more to be added, The Walking Dead is an immensely popular television show. It’s only logical that the creators would seek to spread the show’s success into the mobile application market.


Specifically, The Walking Dead wishes to expand into the niche initially started by the Pokémon Go augmented reality mobile game. Although Pokémon Go has been out for two years already, the hype has yet to fully subside.


So why the wait? Well with Pokémon Go, the developer Niantic already had the mapping data needed for the game. It was only in early 2018 that Google allowed developers to work with their maps platform.



Pokemon Go Vs The Walking Dead Our World




The mapping part of these games is nearly worked out completely, all that would be needed is the storyline, artwork, and of course, the augmented reality features. With the release of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, those features are much easier to implement for mobile developers.


The Walking Dead: Our World is 2018’s version of Pokémon GoOur World puts zombies in our city streets, backyards and forests. Players are given the task of defeating these vicious undead. With guns, grenades, and swords in your arsenal, not much will be in your way.



Pokemon Go Vs The Walking Dead Our World



Our World features a building mechanic, allowing players to build shelters within the map. And like Pokémon Go, the game has the feature for augmented reality, so players will be able to use their smart phone’s camera, placing the zombies that much closer to the real world. Nearby zombies are shown in the map. But there’s also infestations and item caches.


Players just need to be close enough, and with a few taps can either fight the zombies or collect items. Zombies will appear before you, simply tap to shoot. Remember, head shots do more damage! Co-op battling is a phenomenal feature of Our World and teaming up against zombies can be pretty intense at times.






Key points will be located in the map, as well as characters from the show. Certain items and weapons from the show will be making an appearance. Leveling up earns players more weapons (which can be traded and upgraded) and characters, each with their own special abilities.


There seems to be one negative aspect of Our World though: the microtransactions. The game features multiple forms of currency, some that require real world money to make use of. And unlike Pokémon Go, upgrades come at a price, and the game features plenty of ads for in-game purchases.


Will it be as dangerous as Pokémon Go? Definitely not. Augmented reality games have certainly evolved from the days of Pokémon Go, and the team behind Our World took many lessons from Pokémon Go for their app’s development.


“No matter where you live, you’ll always have something to do” – Clayton Neuman (AMC Networks Application Development)


The game is currently live as of today and free-to-play for iOS and Android platforms.