new ps4 model


Sony Has Released New PS4 Model


Sony has released a new PS4 model, which has the code CUH-2200 compared to its predecessor’s CUH-2100. The new PS4 model has started popping up in some retail locations, which is unsurprising because it is expected to replace its predecessor throughout the entire world in the near future. It is unknown whether Sony has stopped production of the CUH-2100 model at this point in time or not, but it seems probable that if not, that will be happening sometime very soon.


What Do We Know about the New PS4?


There hasn’t been a lot of official information released about the new CUH-2200 model, perhaps because it doesn’t seem to have changed any of the details that would matter to the consumers. Instead, it seems probable that the new CUH-2200 model saw some hardware changes that lowered production costs of Sony without impacting its performance, which is important because even small reductions can mean big savings when a multi-national corporation is churning out millions and millions of units. Of course, this speculation can’t be confirmed because of a lack of official information, but it is supported by the number that was changed in the model code.


In short, the first number in the model code indicates a significant change in the hardware of the PS4, whereas the last two numbers indicate changes for regional markets. Since it was the second number that changed, the likeliest case is that this is a minor hardware change that will be implemented in future PS4 units, particularly since it is something that Sony has done before. Summed up, it seems probable that the new PS4 model will be beneficial for Sony but will have no real impact on Sony customers.