street fighter v cheats


Street Fighter V Cheats And Unlockables


Like a lot of games out there, Street Fighter V comes out with cheats as well as other unlockables, which might prove interesting to those who like to experiment a little with their play experiences. For the most part, their effects are minor but can nonetheless prove to be fun and entertaining.


What Are Some Examples?


For example, it is possible to use Urien’s classic costume. Start by selecting Urien and then hold LP+MK+HP until the start of the match to see him in his costume from Street Fighter 3. Likewise, it is possible to make more minor changes to some characters’ costumes by holding LP+MP+HP+LK+Up until the start of the match. In some cases, this will remove a minor piece of the costume such as in the cases of swimsuit Chun-Li, swimsuit Cammy, and swimsuit Karin, but there have been reports of other changes as well.







Besides this, it is possible to unlock more color schemes through various means. For example, completing modes is the simplest method, but this will have to be done for each alternate costume. Likewise, it is possible to unlock new colors for default costumes by leveling up the characters as well as buying the colors in the shop by using Fight Money.


Speaking of which, it is worth noting that it is possible to unlock Bonus Stage (Hell) in the Arcade Edition by setting round settings to 5, setting CPU difficulty to Hard, and then getting to the Bonus Stage without losing so much as a single round.