Team Sonic Racing Is Coming


Team Sonic Racing Is Coming


Team Sonic Racing is currently in development. From developer Sumo Digital comes the continuation of the iconic Sonic racing game series. Hailed as a marvelous and version of Mario Kart, but set to the universe of Sonic, this game is a strong rival to the beloved plumber and his rag tag crew.


Team Sonic Racing is said to have a similar feel to its predecessors, however making a stand out with a new framework centered around team work. Players can now race in teams of three if they so choose, swapping items and earning a score for their team. Sonic Team Racing will offer four-player local and 12-player online play.


The game is also going to include only racers from the Sonic universe. Sega ultimately decided this dynamic would offer the game a more authentic and pure for all Sonic enthusiasts.


Vehicles will now be customizable, and there are plenty of unlockable parts. There’s boost meters and other unlockable traits, which only add to the excitement and drama of the races.






And if racing gets a bit boring, players have an enthralling campaign mode to complete as well, featuring “light storytelling” and introductions of the characters throughout the game.


The game in many respects still holds true to its predecessors. The feel and look are similar, but the gameplay has been enhanced in Team Sonic Racing, and we’re thrilled for the release.


Sega has yet to announce the date, but Team Sonic Racing is going to arrive for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and computer (PC) consoles, sometime in winter 2018. Stay tuned!