game that knows your heart rate


The Game That Knows Your Heart Rate


From Developer Red Meat Games comes a pretty intense virtual reality game, Bring To Light.


What is perhaps the future of horror gaming, and a brief step in the direction of more immersion, Bring To Light has been designed to work with a heart rate monitor.


Yes, you heard that correctly, Bring To Light will be checking to see how excited (or scared) you might be, and will ramp up the shock value based on your heart rate.



 game that knows your heart rate




Bring To Light makes use of a Distributed Artificial Intelligence System, which allows for real-time user interaction with the game. Using biometric technology was the next logical step in the process, says Keith Makse, CEO of Red Meat Games:


“When I was brainstorming another game, I thought we should be able to use biometric feedback as user input, and we quickly thought of using a heartbeat,” he continued. “That was the easy part. We’ve probably spent about 12 months in total designing, building, and testing this system to get it to where it is today.”


Players quickly become immersed in a dark experience, similar to a Lovecraft novel. Playing as a subway accident survivor, the game is out now on Steam, for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality consoles. Of course, a PC version is also available, so there’s no need to fully experience the horrors of this game in VR, but it does sound intriguing.






“While I still think it’s too early to tell if this will be picked up by any others out there, I do think that using biometric feedback will eventually become an option for games and other apps out there,” Makse said. “More biometric devices are released every day and constant improvements are being made.”


What do you think, would you play a horror game that knew your heart rate? Let us know!