Kirby Star Allies Cheats And Unlockables


Kirby Star Allies Cheats And Unlockables For Nintendo Switch


Extra Modes


Play the game all the way through to the end and watch the credits roll. This will unlock modes “Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go”, “The Ultimate Choice”, and “Theater Mode”.


Beat “Guest Star ????” with at least one character and unlock “Jukebox Mode” and “The Ultimate Choice (Difficulties 6-7)”. This will also unlock all currently available Dream Friends.


Beat “The Ultimate Choice” on level 7 at least once with any lead character and unlock “The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter Difficulty)”.






Hidden Characters In The Ultimate Choice


After unlocking The Ultimate Choice, clear it on any difficulty to unlock King Dedede, Meta Knight and Bandana Waddle Dee.


Hidden Stages In Story Mode


Complete Story Mode once to unlock “Ability Planet” and “Extra Planet Delta”.


Towards the end of Extra Planet Delta, there is a background block with two dot platforms, a cross, and an empty space above. This background is an original Game Boy! The door in the empty space will lead to a Game Boy style stage. At the end of the level, stomp on the big button and a statue of Kirby will appear along with the words “We <3 Kirby”. If you’re playing with Joy-Cons the HD Rumble will play a lo-fi version of the original Game Boy’s Kirby’s Dream Land theme.


In the very last room, before going in the shiny star door, fly up towards the X-shaped hole in the background (there will be a tiny yellow star in the distance). Press [up] to enter the HAL Labs room. In the room there will be “HAL” written in blocks as well as some power-ups. Use the Festive Dance enemy superpower to smash all of the blocks and summon another set of blocks with power-ups and extra lives.