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No Cheats But Plenty Of Secrets In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom


There might be no cheats in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom, but there are plenty of secrets that can be found. As a result, interested individuals might want to look them up to make their experience that much more entertaining for them.


What Are Some Examples?


For example, the NFC Reader building will be completed once Luigi has been recruited, meaning that it will be possible to scan Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi amiibos for a stronger-than-normal weapon for each of the corresponding characters. This process should be carried out sooner rather than later because the weapons are set, meaning that they are more useful earlier on than in the late game.






Speaking of which, this is something that isn’t made as clear as it should be. In short, once the first world has been completed, it is possible to use the Rabbid Washing Machine in Peach’s Castle to replay their battles for the purpose of securing better scores as well as more coins. Likewise, the weapons found in treasure chests as well as handed out at the end of secret chapters tend to be better than their normal counterparts, meaning that they are something that players should keep a watchful eye on.


Finally, players who have completed the game can use Dig to uncover special challenges in Peach’s Castle. Once completed, each challenge will provide coins as well as the chance to purchase one of the ultimate weapons for the eight characters.