Playing AIRHEART - Tales Of Broken Wings


Playing AIRHEART – Tales Of Broken Wings


Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings is a beautifully crafted game, filled to the brim with visuals that truly bring players into the realm of steampunk fiction and novelty.


There’re three initial options upon starting Airheart, “Hanger, Workbench, or Shop”. These are of course related to the airplane aspect of Airheart, which is a phenomenal adventure (flying around is marvelous). And do not fret, there’s no option to spend actual money on the game, phew!


Airheart’s gameplay centers around capturing fish and selling them for income, which can then be used for upgrades to your airplane. Catching fish is quite an easy task, simply fly into them with the plane to capture them. But the gameplay dynamic of capturing fish is another area where Airheart shines.



Playing AIRHEART - Tales Of Broken Wings




The plane must reach higher and higher altitudes to catch more fish, which means more potential damage to the airplane. More danger equates to more money to be earned. But more danger comes in the form of pirates and bad weather. However armor can also be purchased, making the plane that much more durable.


And the crafting is another great component of the game as well. Raw materials must be collected and then assembled at the Workbench, together and in specific multitudes. However, this aspect of the game does need some improvement. A lack of an order book (recipe book?) means that there’s little for players to work off of when it comes to making items. Players will either have to remember or write down the recipes for crafting items if they want to make the item again. Mistakes can happen quite often because of this element.






Anyhow, players work towards tackling the Skywhale, an almost mythical creature that offers riches to anyone bold and skilled enough to capture it. Airheart’s controls make it easy enough to navigate around, and the thrill of each successful mission never seems to dull with this game.


Airheart easily brings a great level of uniqueness and difficulty to gamers. For those looking for an artsy shooting-type game, mixed with adventure and wonder, Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings, is the perfect addition.