mega man 2


Mega Man 2 is arguably the best Mega Man game ever created. Wood you play this game? Would you play Mega Man 2 again? Is the game destined for a remake?


We certainly think so, and believe most gamers would indeed continue to play this game, especially if a remake were to happen.


Mega Man 2 is a game that didn’t need much to go off of:


“In the year of 200X, a super robot named Mega Man was created. Dr. Light created Mega Man to stop the evil desires of Dr. Wily. However, after his defeat, Dr. Wily created eight of his own robots to counter Mega Man.”




mega man 2



This was all the game really needed. With the dynamic camera angles, the powerful robot was back. Mega Man returned to us again, almost reborn anew, ready to take on evil and save the world again. And for Nintendo players at the end of the 1980s, Mega Man was saving more than just the pixelated world. And yet again, it would seem that Mega Man is back for players of the latest generation to enjoy.


Mega Man 2 is returning, only this time on the virtual console. Players will absolutely be playing this game again. Remember, there’s a simple reason why this game is regarded as the best Mega Man game of all time. Everything about Mega Man 2 is perfect. From start to finish, the presentation is phenomenal. Down to the graphics, soundtrack, camera angles. Mega Man 2 delicately combines each of these elements seamlessly. The music alone is some of the best out of all the games for the NES console. The gameplay is video gaming in its purest form. In conjunction with the visuals, Mega Man 2 is a platform genre and video game masterpiece, with nothing unneeded added. The perfectly balanced shooter, it’s no secret why this game is loved by all.


With the coming of Mega Man 2 to the virtual console, everything is nearly set up perfectly for another generation of gamers to experience Mega Man in the best form possible. While the game has been on the market for almost two decades, Mega Man 2 still holds its own as a video game title for all time.




mega man 2




But wood you play Mega Man 2? The game revolves around Mega Man, a blue-suited android whose main purpose is save the world from Dr. Wily and his evil Robot Masters.


There’s eight stages total, and players have the option of attempting these stages in whichever order they want. Bosses, while difficult to defeat, have signature weapons that can be gathered once beaten. The boss fights can create an interesting dynamic, as players will then be faced with choosing which of the earned weapons to wield in future battles. Each Robot Master (boss) has unique weaknesses that must be exploited. Mega Man 2 basically took the already established gameplay structure from the first NES title and built upon it.


Whereas the original game featured six Robot Masters, Mega Man 2 has eight total bosses. Mega Man 2 also features a password system and the ability for players to save their progress. Just these two elements alone became the standard for the Mega Man series, which just adds more fuel to the argument that Mega Man 2 is the most iconic of the Mega Man titles.


Additionally, this second installment in the franchise offered up non-combat items, aiding Mega Man’s agility and energy levels. Dr. Wily’s Skull Castle made its first appearance as well. It would certainly seem that any Mega Man fans need to get their hands on a copy of this game and play it, if not again than for the very first time.




mega man 2




And if that wasn’t enough to get you to play the game, consider this. Mega Man 2 features what is quite possibly the best boss obtained weapon in the entirety of the Mega Man series, the Metal Man’s Metal Blades. While these are considerable overpowered, the buzz saws work wonders on enemies, dealing massive damage to almost anything in their path.


Of course, Mega Man 2 also has the Time Stopper, an item that freezes the screen. But also the spinning Leaf Shield and the Atomic Fire from Heat Man. Mega Man 2 features weapons that were received so well that games released in the future also made use of them, time and time again. Almost every other Mega Man title features the ability to stop time or block enemy attacks with a rotating shield.






Mega Man 2 is such an iconic game that even Mega Man 9 is making use of the items from the game. But even now, Mega Man 2 is the best Mega Man game of all time.


So wood you play Mega Man 2 again? Of course you would, the game has an amazing storyline, a large amount of endgame bosses, a difficulty selector for adding to the replay value, and an incredible array of items and weapons to be utilized.


There’s nothing negative to say here. Go download the game immediately. No seriously, you have no idea what you are missing. Mega Man 2 is a must-play, not just for fans of the memorable robot, but for all gamers. The NES console would not be the same without the game, and perhaps even gaming as an entire industry, could never be the same without Mega Man 2. It is the ultimate pinnacle of the series.


We can only hope that Mega Man 9 incorporates as many elements from Mega Man 2 as humanely possible. Capcom seems to be fully immersed in making this happen. And with the release of Mega Man 2 on the virtual console ever so close to the release of Mega Man 9, it certainly appears that the marketing is lining up for Mega Man 9 to be very similar.


So what’s next for Mega Man 2? Would you play this game again? Does the title deserve to be remade, similarly to Crash Bandicoot? And what are you hoping for with the release of Mega Man 9?