FIFA 19 Gameplay Leaks



FIFA 19 Gameplay Leaks


FIFA fans, rejoice! We’ve got some leaked footage of the gameplay for the upcoming FIFA 19 game.


First published on the FIFA subreddit by a user named WhadaFack, 10 minutes of FIFA 19 gameplay is available to view. Many are eager to see what the new soccer game has in store for gamers.


From the video, it appears that FIFA 19 will have a new standard kick-off menu, something smoother and cleaner than FIFA 18’s menu. With this new menu comes additional options for kick-off. For kick-off options there’s “house rules”, “best of series”, and “advantage settings”.






So it appears kick-off mode will come with newer features for the new game. As with usual for FIFA games, all official licenses are included, so players can actually play with their favorite teams and players. As shown in the video, a match with Manchester United and Manchester City yields new gameplay tactics (there’s also the Champions League and Europe League too, of course).


FIFA 19 also has a new mini-map, and players are displayed as either circles or triangles, so now we know who is who. The game also sports new animations, first touches, and moves. We are beyond pleased with this leaked gameplay footage, and FIFA 19 looks to be ramping up to give gamers an awesome new soccer experience.


We’ve yet to see anything official from EA Sports in this regard though, but stay tuned, they will certainly have something for us soon.