Idola Phantasy Star Saga


Are You Familiar With Phantasy Star?


Phantasy Star is a RPG series from Sega. The earliest installments in the series were single-player RPGs, but a significant number of later installments have been MMORPGs instead. As a result, it is safe to say that the Phantasy Star isn’t shy about venturing out onto new ground, which is further supported by the fact that a new Phantasy Star game is set to be released for mobile phones.


What Is Idola Phantasy Star Saga?


In short, Idola Phantasy Star Saga is the latest installment in the Phantasy Star series. Story-wise, it will be taking place in a fantasy world in which huge monsters called Idola serve as the heralds of a god of destruction called Dark Falz. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Dark Falz is in the process of being resurrected, meaning that the game will be focused on saving the world. So far, a fair amount of information has been released about the game, with an excellent example being the main character Yuki as well as the main heroine Stella.






On the whole, Idola Phantasy Star Saga looks like a a fairly standard example of Japanese gacha games, though its production values seem higher than most. For the time being, the game is going to be released in Japan, but if it proves to be successful enough, it is possible that it will make its way over to other regional markets as well. After all, a number of other gacha games have done so in recent times, with examples ranging from Fate/Grand Order and Granblue Fantasy to Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2.