Cuphead Tips And Secrets



Cuphead Tips And Secrets


Cuphead is somewhat a difficult game. Game bosses here are really hard to deal with. They are brutal and complicated. There are quite a number of systems that seem usable and will assist you to progress far only to realize that you made a number of ill-informed decisions and you have to start all over again. Below are some tips and secrets for the Xbox One.


Avoid Playing The Game on Easy Mode


Every time you play the game on easy mode, you do not get any souls. While this sounds counter-intuitive, you might never get access to the final area. Using it for practice doesn’t assist a lot either. You might not be able to get used to the boss strategies if you keep on playing on easy mode. Pull up your sleeves and get used to the difficulty instead.


Keep Exploiting The Stage


There is always a way to exploit the geometry level successfully and land safely, certainly giving you a chance to cheese the enemies. Scoping each arena means that you can figure out the best places to remain invulnerable if your boss attacks you. In fact, you can always use it to your advantage.








The point here is, you are not finishing this game soon if you can’t parry. Learning to parry helps you combat and you will certainly be able to go even further.


Get The Gold Coins


Analyze each stage very keenly. Explore the Hub world too. Finding the coins is really important as it will help you purchase new charms and weapons. Let exploring be part of the game.


Skipping Cogney Carnation


While battling Cogney Carnation, the flower in Inkwell Isle 1, you can basically skip her. When she closes her hands to send pellets at you, you need to be on the right flying platform. When she opens her hands, you need to dash through them. You will take damage, but she will be stuck on the pellet animation for the rest of the battle.


A Free Coin


On the first island you come across a coin avatar who says his money is scattered around. Between two trees there is a little yellow mark beside the avatar with an axe for a head. Walk up to it, click the action button and get a free coin.