Fitness Boxing For The Switch



Fitness Boxing For The Switch


Fitness boxing seems to be the new kid in the gaming world. A brainchild of Imagineer, a Japanese developer that previously made the shape boxing series for Wii. The new game is set to be released worldwide sometime later during the winter. Nintendo will handle distribution of the game outside of Japan while Imagineer will handle the releases in Japan.


The game resembles a fully pledged boxing ring and co-ordinates perfectly well with Fit Boxing Japan Foundation. This makes up the game and a boxing training program too. Perhaps you can consider doing it on your Nintendo Switch at home.


The in-game instructor will assist you in the work-out while playing the game. You need to be holding both joy-cons during the game. How effective the game is in assisting players to lose weight will be known in due time. Boxing lovers will be kept hooked to their gaming consoles since this game brings a whole new experience in gaming.