Free PS4 PS Plus Games For August 2018




What Is PlayStation Plus?


For those who are unfamiliar with the name, PlayStation Plus is a subscription service on the PlayStation Network. It comes at a cost, but in exchange, interested individuals can expect a host of premium features. One excellent example consists of the free games that are provided to subscribers on a regular basis.


What Are the Free Games for the PS4 in August of 2018?


For instance, PS4 subscribers might be interested to know that the free games from PlayStation Plus for August of 2018 are Mafia 3 and Dead By Daylight.


First, Mafia 3 is an action-adventure game set in a fictional version of New Orleans in the late 1960s. It is centered around a mixed-race veteran of the Vietnam War named Lincoln Clay, who seeks revenge in spite of the criminal organizations that abound in his surroundings. On the whole, Mafia 3 managed respectable numbers, though there were critics who pointed out a number of technical issues.


Second, Day By Deadlight is a survival horror intended for fans of multiplayer. However, it is interesting in that each match is asymmetrical in nature because while one player assumes the role of a killer, the other players assumes the roles of various survivors who must work together to escape. As a result, Day By Deadlight is rather unusual, thus making it an excellent choice for people who are looking for something that stands out.