Pocket Rumble Coming To The Nintendo Switch




Pocket Rumble Has Been Released on the Nintendo Switch


Pocket Rumble was released for the Nintendo Switch on July 5 of 2018. Suffice to say that this wasn’t the initial intent, seeing as how the title was supposed to be released in the earliest months of the console’s existence so that it would face fewer competitors. Still, that isn’t to say that Pocket Rumble has no merits of its own, meaning that fighting fans will want to take a look.


What Can Interested Individuals Expect From Pocket Rumble?


First and foremost, Pocket Rumble is supposed to be a call-back to simpler times, which explains why it looks like something that would’ve been home on the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Furthermore, Pocket Rumble is supposed to be simple to learn, which is why it has removed a lot of the complexities found in other fighting games in preference for a simpler and much more straightforward control scheme. Unfortunately, its claim to being beginner-friendly is undermined by its single-difficulty AI that happens to be much more proficient than most beginners.






With that said, there are a lot of people who have pointed out the strengths of Pocket Rumble as well. For instance, its characters might share the same basic control scheme, but they are varied enough to make for an interesting meta-game. Combined with a solid multiplayer mode, it is possible for interested individuals to have a fair amount of fun with Pocket Rumble provided that they fall into the right groups of fighting fans.