marvels powers united vr




Marvel Powers United VR


Marvel Powers United VR is coming to the Oculus, and with it the ability for players to finally experience the world of a superhero like never before.


The game boasts an impressive lineup of 18 Marvel superheroes. Captain America, Spiderman, Deadpool and Star Lord are just a few of the available characters to play with, and the immersion of this game is bar none.


Powers United VR puts gamers in the Marvel world with three other players, all of which must battle against waves of enemies. Similar to a siege game, no doubt, only the combat style differs between characters. Oh yeah, and its in virtual reality.







Take the experience of playing as Captain America, for example. Players will need to reach behind them, just like the hero would, in order to grab their shield and throw it at enemies. The main hang up with this game is that the physical necessity of the controls means that players might get tired quickly, but other than that this game is incredible.


Each superhero has their own unique moves, which means a lot of overall game time is available. Spider Man has a different move set than say, the Hulk, and this makes for many ways to beat the levels.


Overall, Marvel Powers United VR is meant to be a fun, fast paced game. Players will be able to progress as they complete each level, earning new costumes for characters and much more. This game could easily rise to the top of the library for many Oculus owners.