Is Luigi Really Dead?




Everyone hold your controllers, Luigi is most likely alive and well.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate revealed some new information about the game (set to come out this December).


What fans weren’t expecting was a teaser featuring the death of one of Nintendo’s greatest names, Luigi.


Mario’s green brother had his soul sucked out of his body by a creepy looking monster.


Now, we all know that Luigi has battled many a ghost and spooky monster (if you haven’t, please go play Luigi’s Haunted Mansion), but in this teaser he just couldn’t muster enough strength or skill to defeat this bad guy.


Afterwards, the ghost of Luigi made its way back into his body, but the last thing we hear is a blood curling scream from the green capped character.


So is Luigi actually dead?


We highly doubt it. Luigi is such a famous character for Nintendo, there’s no way they could kill him off. He is a legend at this point for them, and is here to stay.


But this isn’t the first time Nintendo has pulled a stunt like this. Gamers may remember that at E3 Mario was seemingly pierced through the chest in a similar type teaser video, only to be revealed later on as perfectly alive and well. You shouldn’t worry about either of the plumbers.


Oh, and Luigi’s safety was also confirmed by representatives at Nintendo. Have no fear.