New Game+ (plus) mode is coming to God of War




New Game+ (plus) mode is coming to God of War


As announced via Twitter by Sony Santa Monica Studio, as part of the publishers press conference for E3.


New Game+ will be available as part of an update, and won’t cost gamers a dime. According to Playstation, the update will be available on August 20th, 2018. Armor and enchantments will now have new customization options, and new rarity levels. Cinematics can now be skipped as well.


Players using the mode will be able to start the game anew, but save many of the upgrades, armor and weapons earned from previous playthroughs. But there’s a catch.


With New Game+, God of War will become even more difficult. As mentioned in the blog post:


“And yes, when I mentioned it won’t be just a sunny stroll pulverizing Draugr’s and Nightmares like your weapons are on auto-pilot, the difficulty will be harder.”


As we all know, the latest God of War game truly brought back the attention and critical acclaim to the franchise, something that many gamers had longed for, if not downright needed. It seems that this time, playing as Kratos alongside his son really worked out.


And the game already has so much content and unlockable content, New Game+ really is a marvelous addition to what is already a smash hit title.


Will you be playing God of War with New Game+, let us know!