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Final Fantasy XV Is Packed Full Of Secrets And Other Interesting Things


Final Fantasy games tend to be packed with secrets as well as other interesting things. Final Fantasy XV is no exception to this rule, meaning that spending some time looking into them can prove worthwhile for interested individuals.


What Are Some Examples?


For instance, there are some important tips to remember for people who are seeking to grind as much EXP as possible as fast as possible. Most of this is simple and straightforward in nature. For example, it is still possible to get EXP from fighting enemies, but it tends to be more efficient to get EXP from completing sidequests, which will often involve fighting lots and lots of enemies anyways. Likewise, it makes sense to stack buffs as much as possible, which means eating EXP-boosting foods, sleeping at EXP-boosting locations, using Expericast spells, and using Moogle Charms. When players put their minds to gaining as much EXP as possible as fast as possible, they’ll be surprised by the numbers that they can pull in.


Speaking of which, it can be useful to look into ways to maximize the results of AP farming as well as gil farming as well. For example, following teammates’ suggestions can prove useful for grinding AP, even if the rewards come in small drabs and dribbles. Likewise, interested individuals should know that most of the items dropped by defeated enemies can be sold for gil without negative consequences in the future, though they will want to check in with a guide if they are not sure to save themselves some frustration in the long run while boosting their gil intake.







With that said, there are some exploits that people have noticed as well. For example, players might have noticed that competitors sometimes come shooting forward at the start of chocobo races. If they are interested in pulling off something similar, they should press and hold the O button at the instant that the “3” in the countdown disappears. Be warned that if they done this too soon, they might still be able to get a boost, but it will be weaker.


On a related note, it is interesting to note that item spots often have three potential items with set percentages. If the player has 99 of two of the possibilities, they won’t be able to pick the item if random chance hands them either one of the two. Should they go to pick it up again, the item will be recalculated, meaning that they can use this to get the item that they want with 100 percent chance of success. Of course, this is much easier said than done in some cases, seeing as how interested individuals will need to get 99 of two items just to get a guaranteed drop of a single item, which can be a lot of time and effort to say the least.