Choosing The Right Fighting Game


There are a lot of fighting games out there. This is a good thing because it means that interested individuals will never run out of titles to play. Unfortunately, too much choice can sometimes be a bad thing because it makes it that much more challenging for interested individuals to choose the best fighting games on which to spend their limited time. Due to this, it can be worthwhile for them to listen to the opinions of others, which can bring up points that can influence their ultimate choice in one way or another. One excellent example of where this can be useful is the choice between King of Fighters R-2 and Pocket Rumble, which have similarities that serve to make the differences between them stand out that much more.


What Is King of Fighters R-2?


King of Fighters R-2 Vs Pocket RumbleOf course, King of Fighters R-2 is a part of the prestigious King of Fighters series. For proof of the series’s prestigious nature, look no further than the fact that it started up in 1994 and has continued to the present time, as shown by the fact that The King of Fighters XIV was released in 2016. With that said, King of Fighters R-2 is ancient by video game standards, seeing as how it came out in 1999 for the handheld console called the Neo-Geo Pocket Color.


In further detail, King of Fighters R-2 is curious in that it is based on The King of Fighters ’98, which was released for arcade machines as well as home consoles. As a result, it shares a fair amount with its source of inspiration, with an excellent example being their stories. However, it is important to note that King of Fighters R-2 has significant differences from its source of inspiration, which should be apparent with no more than a single look at footage from the respective titles. After all, King of Fighters R-2 uses a super-deformed look for its characters, whereas The King of Fighters ’98 uses something that is more realistic, which is understandable considering the technical capabilities of their respective platforms. This is not the sole difference between the two, meaning that it is important to remember that while King of Fighters R-2 might have been based on The King of Fighters ’98, it is very much its own fighting game at the end of the day.








What Is Pocket Rumble?


Pocket Rumble Coming To The Nintendo SwitchMeanwhile, Pocket Rumble is a much more recent title that took inspiration from King of Fighters R-2 as well as other 2D fighting games released for both the Neo-Geo Pocket and the Neo-Geo Pocket Color. As a result, Pocket Rumble has some similarities to its sources of inspiration, but it benefits from the huge advances in technical capabilities as well as some of the continuous evolution in fighting games that have happened along the way. On the whole, Pocket Rumble has some issues such as the imperfect balancing of its characters, but it provides a respectable experience in that it is simple to pick up but still capable of providing interested individuals with a fair amount of challenge.







 King of Fighters R-2 Vs Pocket Rumble


For people who are confused about the choice between King of Fighters R-2 and Pocket Rumble, there can be no doubt about the fact that the latter is the more sensible choice. Speaking bluntly, the Neo-Geo Pocket Color was discontinued close to two decades ago, meaning that finding a functional unit is going to be a huge hassle. Never mind the complications that would come from being forced to find a functional copy of King of Fighters R-2.


In contrast, Pocket Rumble can be found on the PC as well as on the Nintendo Switch, meaning that it is much easier to play than its counterpart. On top of that, while Pocket Rumble might look like its sources of inspiration, it isn’t because it is the beneficiary of years and years of continuing developments in the video game industry. Something that can matter a great deal to people who have become accustomed to modern games as well as modern game design. As a result, if someone wants an experience like King of Fighters R-2, they should play Pocket Rumble for sheer convenience if nothing else. In contrast, if they are absolutely insistent on The King of Fighters series, well, suffice to say that there are much more accessible titles, with an excellent example being The King of Fighters ’98, which has been released again and again on an ever-widening range of platforms.