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Gears of War 4 Has Its Secrets


Gears of War 4 for the Xbox One has its fair share of secrets. As a result, interested individuals might want to check them out because they can make their experience that much more entertaining.


What Are Some Examples?


For example, there are special grenades called Dom’s Toms, which function in the same manner as standard grenades but have a very different look to them. For those who are interested, they can be unlocked by going to the greenhouse in Act 2 of Chapter 2, where the player must proceed to blast each of the potted tomato plants. Interested individuals will know when they have gotten all of the potted tomato plants when Marcus goes on a rant, which will be their cue to pick up Dom’s Toms by heading towards the building’s exit.


Another example is a special weapon that can be unlocked in the Prologue on the Insane difficulty. Essentially, interested individuals will need to play until they have destroyed the Comms Tower. After which, they will need to blast the bunker, go through the main gate, and then start a cut scene by interacting with the control panel. Eventually, they should come upon three enemies, which should be their cue to kill them, sprint for the stairs, turn right before reaching the stairs, and then diving through the closing gate. The resulting weapon is rather interesting, though it is important to note that it doesn’t exactly come with a lot of ammunition.