Have You Considered Playing Indie Games?


People have been making indie games for decades and decades. However, it hasn’t been until recent times that the rise of the Internet has made it easier than ever for indie game developers to find success, which has resulted in something of an indie game renaissance. As a result, while triple AAA titles still provide plenty of value under the right circumstances, it can be worthwhile for interested individuals to check out their indie counterparts as well.


What Are 3 Indie Games You Should Check Out in 2018?


Here are 3 examples of indie games from 2018 that interested individuals should check out:




Frostpunk is set in a fictional version of the Victorian Age in which human civilization is coming to a close. This isn’t because of some kind of invader or some kind of plague. Instead, temperatures have plummeted on planet Earth for reasons that no one can figure out, with the result that the survivors have huddled around a small number of heat-giving generators that must be fed coal on a constant basis. As a result, Frostpunk is a city builder focused on two pressing issues.






First, there is the issue of building new societies in stark expanses of snow and not much else. Second, there is the issue of how these new societies will cope with their changed circumstances. Something that touches upon the central theme of the prices that people should and shouldn’t pay for survival.




Story of Seasons has been a popular series for a long, long time, though chances are good that English speakers will be more familiar with it under the name Harvest Moon. The split between the Story of Seasons and the Harvest Moon series can be more than a bit confusing, but the gist of things is that the people behind what were called the Harvest Moon games made a choice to start localizing their own titles instead of entrusting it to Natsume. However, since Natsume owned the Harvest Moon name, the series that used to be called Harvest Moon is now called Story of Seasons, which isn’t helped by the fact that Natsume has launched its own series called Harvest Moon.







Regardless, the important part is that in spite of some rather significant shake-ups, both Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon are relatively conservative series when it comes to innovation. Fortunately, for people who are fond of the basic Harvest Moon formula but are interested in something new, the success of Stardew Valley is being followed up by other titles, with an excellent example being Ooblets. In short, Ooblets is inspired by PokemonHarvest Moon, and Animal Crossing, with the result that it will provide interested individuals with the chance to create a bustling farm with their own collection of magical critters. Something that promises to be exciting indeed provided that the concept can be executed with competence.


Sunless Skies


Sunless Skies is the follow-up to Sunless Sea. Both titles are set in the same universe, but their settings are very much not the same. For instance, Sunless Sea was set in a London that had fallen into an underground world where natural law had no more than a tenuous authority, resulting in a curious but nonetheless intriguing mix of horror and humor. In contrast, Sunless Skies is set in a potential future in which Fallen London has ventured out into the universe’s space equivalent called the High Wilderness, where it has carved out an empire by killing a star and putting a clockwork abomination in its place.






Now, players can explore the High Wilderness in what amounts to an armed and armored train engine, where they can expect new riches to be seized, new horrors to be slain, new wonders to be seen, and new sins to scar the human soul. In the transition from Sunless Sea to Sunless Skies, one can’t help but suspect that the people of Fallen London have cast off their monstrous overlords not by overcoming them but by outdoing them.