Hyrule Warriors Cheats And Secrets




Have You Checked Out The Secrets Of Hyrule Warriors?


The various Warriors series tend to be packed full of secrets as well as other unlockables. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Switch is no exception to this rule, which is why interested individuals might want to check out a guide to see what can be found within it.



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What Are Some Examples?


For starters, it is possible to play through Ganon’s Fury challenges as a giant Cucco. If you are interested, you can unlock this peculiar option by getting an A rank on the “Survival Lv.4” challenge. After which, you will be able to rampage around in the game as one of The Legend of Zelda franchise’s most fearsome foes.


Speaking of which, if you are curious about whether you can increase the number of fairies that you can carry around from the initial five or not, you should know that this is indeed an option. Fortunately, increasing the number of fairies to a maximum of fourteen fairies is as simple as beating the final stages in the Adventure Mode. You’ll know a final stage by the fact that it features Ganon as the final boss as well as the fact that the credits will roll upon completion.


With that said, people who are seeking to make their weapons as powerful as possible might want to check out the unlock requirements for sealed skills. For example, it is possible to unlock Evil’s Bane on the Master Sword by picking up copies of all weapons at either Level 3 or lower before using the Master Sword to defeat a total of 10,000 enemies. By picking up copies of all weapons including both Level 4 and Level 4+ weapons before using the Master Sword to defeat 15,000, players can pick up Exorcism on the same weapon. Finally, once both of these skills have been unlocked, players can unlock Legendary on other weapons by using them to defeat 10,000 enemies.