Devil May Cry 5 Dante Reveal Trailer




New Information Has Come Out About Devil May Cry 5


Gamescom ran from August 21 to August 25. As a result, a lot of information has been released on upcoming titles, with Devil May Cry 5 being no exception to this rule. To be exact, Devil May Cry 5 has seen the release of a new trailer, which was in addition to the chance to play the game at the trade event.


What Did We Learn?


Trailer-wise, we saw two of the three playable characters that have been promised for Devil May Cry 5. Nero was more or less what most people would have expected when he was showcased in the trailer. As a result, it was Dante who managed to steal the spotlight when he showed up on a motorcycle that can be turned into a kind of weaponized chainsaw. Unfortunately, nothing has been revealed about the third playable character, so it seems probable that they will reveal a subject of much speculation for the next while.







Moving on, the footage of gameplay that has been uploaded in various places should provide interested individuals with something meatier to look at. Most of the responses out there seem to be rather positive, as shown by more than one statement that Devil May Cry 5 is managing to strike a neat balance between fun, challenge, and even likability for its characters. However, interested individuals should make sure to take a look of their own, particularly since the footage shows not just the standard demons but also their much bigger and much beefier counterparts, which should make for some great variation.


With that said, the single most important piece of information that has been revealed might be the release date for Devil May Cry 5. In short, it is due to come out for the PS4, the Xbox One, and the PC on March 8 of 2019, meaning that interested individuals might want to make a note of that on their calendars.