Lego DC Super Villains




What Is Lego DC Super Villains?


Traveller’s Tales has created a number of Lego-themed action adventure games centered around Batman and other DC superheroes. Now, it is set to release Lego DC Super Villains on October 16 of 2018, which promises to provide the same kind of super-powered fun but from the viewpoint of the super villains rather than the superheroes.


What Can You Expect From Lego DC Super Villains?


Story-wise, the Justice League has disappeared, with the result that the protection of the planet Earth is now in the hands of their parallel universe counterparts in the so-called Justice Syndicate. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Justice Syndicate are not noble do-gooders. In fact, there is the indication that they are working for Darkseid, who is searching for the Anti-Life Equation. As a result, the super villains of the Injustice League have to step up in the place of their superhero counterparts to protect the Earth from one of the most fearsome threats in the multi-verse so that they can take over themselves once they have won.







In most respects, interested individuals can expect Lego DC Super Villains to follow in the footsteps of its super-heroic predecessors. For instance, there will be plenty of action-adventure sequences with the occasional puzzle inserted between them, both of which will be overcome by using a wide range of colorful characters with their own special powers. However, what might be most interesting is the revelation that for the first time, Lego DC Super Villains will be featuring a player character that has been integrated into the story of the game. Of course, said player character will be customizable, which means not just their looks but also their super-powers. With that said, one of Harley Quinn’s lines in the story trailer suggests that the player character will be either a silent or a near-silent protagonist, so expect plenty of jokes along that line as well.