My Friend Pedro




What Is My Friend Pedro?


My Friend Pedro is an upcoming shooter. To be exact, it is a upcoming shooter in the run and gun sub-genre with what one might call a very surreal style to it. After all, the Pedro in the title is a banana, who has apparently commanded the player character to mow through numerous enemies with a pair of guns, a selection of other improvised and non-improvised weapons, as well as what is best described as the hybridized offspring of ballet and wire-fu.


What Are Some Things You Should Know About My Friend Pedro?


By default, the player character has a pair of guns that can be aimed in different directions for the purpose of eliminating different enemies at the same time. However, even the shortest look at game-play footage should make it very clear that is no more than the start of things.








For instance, My Friend Pedro provides its players with the option to blow off one enemy’s head and then kick it into another enemy’s head in a very brutal but nonetheless very stylish show of skill. Likewise, it offers various items that can be interacted with in various ways, with a particularly memorable example being kicking a pan off of the ground and then bouncing bullets off of its surface for the purpose of targeting enemies that can’t be reached with a conventional shot. On top of these examples, the game apparently features everything from jumping off of both walls and enemies to attack from unexpected angles to lighting up fuel canisters with explosive effects. All while making use of slow motion for the best presentation possible.


Summed up, My Friend Pedro is definitely a very odd game, but it is that exact oddity that enables it to stand out in its chosen genre. As a result, interested individuals might want to check it out if they have a fondness of side-scrolling ultra-violence as well as either a tolerance for or even a willingness to embrace surreal weirdness.