Metro Exodus




What Is Metro Exodus?


Metro Exodus is the next title in the Metro series. For those who are unfamiliar with its name, the Metro series consists of post-apocalyptic first-person shooters with both stealth and survival elements built into them. However, while most people will be most familiar with post-apocalyptic titles set in the United States, the Metro series stands out in that it is set in post-apocalyptic Russia. In fact, the series is named thus because it is set in the Moscow Metro, which is a rapid transit system that serves Moscow as well as its surroundings.


What Have We Learned About Metro Exodus?


A fair amount of information has been released about Metro Exodus. For instance, it is known that it won’t be set in the same Moscow Metro as its predecessors. Instead, it will see the protagonist Artyom heading out into the Russian wilderness, which is populated with new characters as well as new enemies. Furthermore, since the narrative is supposed to happen over the course of a full year, this means that interested individuals can expect not just a wide range of settings but also a wide range of settings in each of the four seasons.







With that said, a lot of the Metro series’s core characteristics are making a return as well. For example, Metro Exodus boasts hand-made weapons that possess remarkable versatility because of their customization options. Likewise, built-in stealth elements mean that players will once again have multiple options for getting through sequences, with both stealth and going loud offering both upsides and downsides. On top of this, it has been mentioned that the game will offer more complicated reactions to how players choose to play through it, with a given example being the player’s response to the surrender of human enemies. As a result, should Metro Exodus live up to the expectations that have been laid out, it has the potential to be a very interesting title indeed.