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State Of Decay 2 Has Its Secrets


In June of 2018, it was announced that State of Decay 2 had surpassed 3 million players. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that its player base has uncovered a fair number of secrets, which might interest those with a completionist streak.


What Are Some Examples?


For starters, State of Decay 2 has four Legacy Goals, which are well-worth completing because of the Legacy Boons for a New Game+. Theoretically, the player needs to start a new community for each of the four Legacy Goals, but in practice, there is a way to save some time by completing the four with the same community.


In short, the player should play until they see the message that their game will come to an end once they have finished the mission for the Legacy Goal. When they see it, they should choose “Not Yet” and then exit to the main menu with cloud saving turned on to create an autosave. After this, they should play through the mission and wait for the right achievement to unlock before going to Home to delete the local save data by choosing the option “Delete from console.” Assuming that this goes right, the player should be able to restart the game, cause it to sync up with the cloud save, and then change the leader for the purpose of getting another Legacy Goal with the same community. Something that can save them hours and hours of time.








Of course, there are plenty of other achievements to be unlocked as well. Most of these should be simple and straightforward to unlock, so much so that they should be unlocked naturally by just playing through the game. However, there are a couple of so-called secret achievements, with one being unlocked by having a survivor in the player’s community die and the other being unlocked by making a commotion when searching through a container.