Games Are Being Remastered Left and Right


Sometimes, it can seem as though video games are being remastered left and right. For example, Capcom has released two collections of the Mega Man X games called Mega Man X Legacy Collection and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2. Likewise, Capcom has announced its intention to remaster Onimusha: Warlords, which was the game that started up the Onimusha series. There are some people out there who see remastered games as sign of un-originality as well as more serious flaws, but for the most part, consumers should see remastered games as a plus.


After all, great games were made in the past as in the present, meaning that remastered games can give consumers a simple and straightforward way to play them without having to jump through hoops in order to get their hands on old and out-of-date platforms. Moreover, it should be mentioned that remastered games can come with a lot of user experience improvements, which can prove very useful even for those who remember their predecessors with fondness.


What Are 5 Capcom Games that Deserve a Remastered Release?


With that said, while plenty of games are getting remasters, there are plenty of other games that deserve remasters as well, with these 5 Capcom games being excellent examples:


Demon’s Crest


Top 5 Capcom Games That Should Be RemasteredGhosts ‘n Goblins is one of Capcom’s most successful series. Moreover, it is one of Capcom’s oldest series as well, seeing as how it started up in 1985. For comparison purposes, this means that Ghosts ‘n Goblins is actually older than either Mega Man or Street Fighter, both of which started up in 1987. Regardless, it is interesting to note that Ghosts ‘n Goblins had a spin-off series as well, which was focused on a character named Firebrand who is an enemy in the main series. In total, the spin-off series had three separate installments with the third being Demon’s Crest for the Super Nintendo. Said game was a platformer with some RPG elements, which is a rare combination. However, what enabled it to stand out was its surprising complexity as well as its atmospheric graphics, which combined to make it one of the best Super Nintendo games of its time in the eyes of some reviewers.






Dino Crisis


Top 5 Capcom Games That Should Be RemasteredTechnically, Dino Crisis was a survival horror game, which is perhaps unsurprising considering that it was created by the same team that created the Resident Evil series. However, Capcom actually marketed it as what it called a “panic horror,” which was based on its enemies. In short, Dino Crisis used dinosaurs brought to the future via time travel, which were designed to be fast, aggressive, and intelligent. A potent combination that made for a very different feel from the Resident Evil games. Unfortunately, the team behind Dino Crisis were actually held back from making their enemies even more intelligent because of the technical limitations of their times, though their efforts were still good enough to get the game a lot of praise for its intense nature. Due to this, it would be wonderful to see a remaster of Dino Crisis, particularly since there seems to be some internal interest at Capcom for either a remake or a remaster of some kind in the series provided that consumers show enough interest.








Final Fight 3


would you play final fight 3Side-scrolling beat ’em up games have been seeing something of a mini-revival in recent times. As a result, a remaster of one of the earlier Final Fight games could prove to be rather interesting. With that said, both Final Fight and Final Fight 2 have had re-releases in relatively recent times, seeing as how Final Fight made it into the iTunes Store in 2011 while Final Fight 2 made it into the Wii U Virtual Console in 2013. As a result, it would be a change of pace to see a remaster of Final Fight 3, which was the last game in the Final Fight series to use the 2D formula rather than a 3D counterpart. Granted, Final Fight 3 wasn’t the most successful installment in the Final Fight franchise because it didn’t make enough improvements on its predecessors, but it was nonetheless the beneficiary of the lessons learned from both Final Fight and Final Fight 2, meaning that it has worth as well.








Lost Planet: Extreme Condition


Top 5 Capcom Games That Should Be RemasteredLost Planet: Extreme Condition was a third-person shooter that came out for the Xbox 360 in 2006 before being ported over to the PC in 2007 and the PS3 in 2008. Said game was set on an Earth-like planet in the middle of an Ice Age, which had borne witness to a botched human colonization effort. Gameplay-wise, it was interesting in that players experienced a constant fall in their thermal energy because of the planet’s cold temperatures, which made for a very distinctive feel to the game. Moreover, while players spent part of the game on foot, they also made frequent use of various mechanized suits called VSs, which offered much additional variety to their gaming experience.









Mega Man Legends


Top 5 Capcom Games That Should Be RemasteredIt is interesting to note that most of the Mega Man games exist in the same setting. For example, the Mega Man X games are set after the Mega Man games, much as how the Mega Man Zero games are set after the Mega Man X games. The Mega Man Legends games stand out in that they are set thousands and thousands of years after most of the other Mega Man games, which have seen so much change because of that span of time that they actually take place on a flooded Earth. Likewise, the Mega Man Legends games stand out in that they were action-adventure shooters in 3D environments, which was a significant change-up from its predecessors. Combined with the fact that the first Mega Man Legends received a fair amount of praise from a fair number of reviewers because of its innovations while retaining core characteristics of the Mega Man series as a whole, it would be an excellent candidate for a remaster, particularly since sub-optimal graphics was one of the main reasons that it received criticism from other reviewers.