Gato Roboto



What Is Gato Roboto?


In recent times, indie games have been seeing something of a renaissance. The exact reasons behind this are complicated, but the most important part for consumers is that there are now more titles being released in genres that are neglected by the biggest video game developers. One excellent example is the Metroidvania genre, which is of course, named for the 2D Metroid and Castlevania games.


Gato Roboto seems like another promising release in the Metroidvania genre that will be released for both the PC and the Nintendo Switch in 2019. In short, it stars a cat in a mech suit, which enables said feline to take on a wide range of enemies. However, when the surroundings are such that a mech suit would be more encumbrance than help, the cat is perfectly capable of getting out to explore on their own.








Of course, while exploration will make up a significant part of Gato Roboto, it should be remembered that it will boast its fair share of bosses as well, which tend to be a highlight of Metroidvania games. So far, the people behind Gato Roboto have showcased a fight with what is presumably one of the earlier bosses in the finished games, seeing as how its patterns were relatively simple while the solution to the problem that it posed was relatively straightforward in nature. With that said, the boss fight made it clear that Gato Roboto possesses real potential in this regard, so it will be interesting to see what other curiosities will pop up in the finished product.


Summed up, Gato Raboto is a rather amusing take on the basic formula of the 2D Metroid games, with Samus having been swapped out for a cat in a mech suit. On the whole, what has been revealed so far suggests that it has a sense of humor, which is neat on its own but becomes much better when paired with solid gameplay. Something that could very well be the case here.