What Is Indivisible?



What Is Indivisible?


There are a fair number of people out there who should remember Skullgirls, seeing as how it was both a critical and a commercial success. As a result, there are a fair number of people who might be curious about what its creator Lab Zero Games is working on at the moment. If so, said individuals should know that it is set to release an action RPG called Indivisible in 2019, which has a number of rather interesting things that can be said about it.


What Can People Expect from Indivisible?


For starters, the people behind Indivisible have compared it to a number of games and genres. For example, it has been stated that there will be Metroidvania-style exploration. Likewise, it has been stated that the battle mechanics of the game were inspired by those of Valkyrie Profile, which was a very interesting game for the PS1 in which players took control of a valkyrie named Lenneth who was responsible for collecting the souls of warriors for the end of the world. Based on this, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that the player will have the chance to pick up a wide range of allies over the course of Indivisible, who will possess a wide range of capabilities to help them overcome both enemies and environmental hurdles.








Story-wise, Indivisible is centered on a girl named Ajna, who possesses the power to absorb certain individuals, thus enabling her to summon them as well as make use of certain connected capabilities. The narrative is focused on Ajna’s efforts to confront the local warlords who have attacked her village as well as understand the true nature of her power. Setting-wise, it should be mentioned that the world of Indivisible is influenced to a significant extent by Southeast Asian cultures, which are under-used when it comes to video games.


As a result, the game certainly promises something new in this regard. In fact, it is interesting to note that we have already seen a penanggalan in Indivisible, which is best-described as a Southeast Asian take on the vampire whose head detaches at night so that it can fly off in search of prey while its stomach, its entrails, and its other organs dangle beneath it. Based on this, it seems safe to say that Indivisible promises to be a memorable game to say the least, particularly since Lab Zero Games seems to be very serious about releasing as polished a game as possible.