Battlefield V Battle Royale Gameplay Details




What Is Firestorm?


When DICE was presenting Battlefield V at E3, it announced that the upcoming title would have a battle royale mode called Firestorm. However, there was next to no further information released about the battle royale mode, which caused some people to speculate about it having been a last minute inclusion. Whatever the case, more information has come out since that time, which might interest those who have been following Battlefield V.


What Can People Expect from Firestorm?


For starters, it has been said that Firestorm will support a total of 16 teams with 4 players per team for a total of 64 players. Said mode will feature what has been promised to be the biggest maps to ever appear in the Battlefield series, which will of course, feature plenty of elements that can be interacted with such as destructible buildings and destructible vehicles.


With that said, there are some clear changes based on existing battle royale games. For example, squadmates will be able to revive one another even without being medics, which is a move towards said titles. Likewise, players will start out with less ammunition, which will presumably encourage them to put more effort to search for supplies. There have been some speculation about other potential changes, but until more information comes out, it is better not to over-indulge in that regard.








On a final note, some people might be curious about when Firestorm will launch. If so, they should know that it is expected to be a free post-release update. In fact, it is interesting to note that Battlefield V is expected to step down on the practice of paid DLCs, meaning that more of its updates will be made available to the players free of charge. Instead, it seems that EA will be seeking to monetize Battlefield V by selling skins and other cosmetic items, which is an interesting change that is bound to have far-reaching consequences.