What Can People Expect from Dragon Quest XI?



What Is Dragon Quest XI?


Sometimes, one is reminded of the fact that one video game market is not the same as the next. For proof, look no further than the Dragon Quest series, which is so popular in Japan that its influence can be seen throughout a significant swathe of Japanese pop culture. In contrast, the Dragon Quest series is much less well-known in the West, which is rather amusing because the earliest installments of the series took a fair amount of inspiration from their western counterparts. Regardless, the people behind the Dragon Quest series are not content to settle for just the Japanese video game market, as shown by the fact that Dragon Quest XI is intended in part to make a break-through in the West.


What Can People Expect from Dragon Quest XI?


First and foremost, it is important to note that Dragon Quest XI is similar to its predecessors. In short, players will explore various settings in a fantastical world while fighting through a wide range of enemies in turn-based RPG combat. This is unsurprising because one of the reasons that the Dragon Quest series remains so popular is because of its comforting familiarity, meaning that while the separate installments come with changes, interested individuals should not expect huge revolutionary makeovers.







What has changed is the increased support that has been offered for the international version, which has come out on September 4. For example, the English version comes with an English dub, a first-person mode, a harder difficulty called Draconian Quest, and a number of other small changes. However, what is most notable is the choice to release the English version on Steam, which is very clearly a move to bolster the Dragon Quest brand in the West because PC gaming is more popular there than in Japan.


Regardless, for people who are seeking something that reminds them of classic RPGs without being a slavish imitation, Dragon Quest XI can prove to be an excellent choice. This is particularly true because the Japanese version has been out for some time, meaning that interested individuals should be able to learn all they need to figure out whether it is right for them or not.