SAMURAI SPIRITS (Samurai Shodown) Is Coming Back



Remember Samurai Spirits?


Fighting game fans might remember the Samurai Spirits series, whether under that particular name or under Samurai Shodown. For those who are unfamiliar with either one of those two names, Samurai Spirits was a SNK series that stood out by being one of the first to focus on weapon-based combat following the massive success of Street Fighter II. Like its name suggests, the series was set during the Tokugawa Shogunate, which is one of the two historical periods that are most associated with the samurai in both Japanese and non-Japanese pop culture. However, it is important to note that the series was perfectly willing to take liberties with historical realities, which is perhaps unsurprising considering its more fantastical elements. Regardless, the last installment in the Samurai Spirits series came out around a decade ago, which is why the news of a new release for the PS4 in 2019 is very exciting though not wholly unexpected.


What Do We Know about the New Samurai Spirits On the Way?


After all, SNK’s fortunes have been looking up in recent times. In part, this was because of its buy-out by the Chinese corporation Leyou Technologies, which provided it with some much-needed financial stability. However, it should also be noted that SNK’s King of Fighters 14 was a true success, meaning that said title can be said to have put it back onto solid footing. Combined, it makes sense that SNK would seek to revive the Samurai Spirits series, particularly since it is still so popular in its native Japan that it is still getting collaborations with mobile games such as Cygames’s Granblue Fantasy.








With that said, the reveal trailer for the new Samurai Spirits is looking very interesting. For example, it has confirmed both Haohmaru and Nakoruru, who are the series’s two most recognizable characters, as well as three other characters, who are Earthquake, Galford D. Weiler, and Jubei Yagyu. Furthermore, the trailer has shown enough footage for interested individuals to draw the conclusion that the game will be making use of both modern technologies and traditional Japanese aesthetics, which is something that the series is famous for. There is much that remains unknown about the new Samurai Spirits such as whether it is a remake of the first game or something else altogether, but so far, what we have seen is very exciting.