Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster Coming To The Switch And PS4



What Is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?


Final Fantasy is a huge, sprawling series, which is why it includes numerous spin-offs that share select elements with their main counterparts but otherwise stand on their own.


One excellent example is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo GameCube, which proved to be popular enough to spawn a sub-series of follow-ups on Nintendo consoles from 2003 to 2009.


For those who are curious, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles started out as the first Final Fantasy title on a Nintendo console since Final Fantasy VI came out in the mid 1990s.


This was necessary because Square had sustained a serious financial blow because of the failure of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, meaning that it had to scramble to increase the revenue that was coming in.


As a result, it settled upon a spin-off for the Nintendo GameCube, which would provide it with a new market without impacting its main series too much in the process.







Story-wise, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles focused on the search for the precious resource called Myrrh, which was needed to power the crystals that protected settlements from the poisonous Miasma.


Gameplay-wise, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was interesting in that it was an action RPG that combined a kind of hack-and-slash combat with a fair amount of puzzle-solving, thus making for a very different feel from its main counterparts.


This was particularly true because the title supported a multiplayer mode with up to 4 players, though the process was rather cumbersome by modern standards.


What Do We Know about the Remaster of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?


Now, it seems that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be receiving a remaster set to be released in 2019.


So far, two important points have been revealed about it. First, the remaster will be made available on the Nintendo Switch as well as the PlayStation 4, meaning that it will be the first time that the sub-series has been playable on a non-Nintendo console.


Second, the remaster will support Internet connectivity, which should make its multiplayer mode that much better when compared to that of its predecessor.