What Do We Know about Judge Eyes?



What Is Judge Eyes?


Currently, the team behind the Yakuza series is at a high point, seeing as how they have moved from success to success in recent times. However, the first sub-series of Yakuza games have come to a close with Yakuza 6, which is why the next main installment of the series as a whole will be focused on a new protagonist with a new narrative. As a result, there is something of an interval, which might explain why the team is set to launch something new called Judge Eyes.


What Do We Know about Judge Eyes?


For those who are curious, Judge Eyes seems like it will be made using the same engine as its Yakuza counterparts. However, it will be focused on a lawyer rather than a yakuza, though perhaps unsurprisingly considering the nature of entertainment media, the protagonist won’t be limiting their activities to the courtroom but will be carrying out criminal investigations as well in what one might call a very hands-on manner.







To be exact, the footage that has been released has shown the player character carrying out an investigation by following a person of interest, cornering them for a confrontation, and then engaging in a chase scene that made much use of quick-time events. Furthermore, there was a scene of the player character breaking into an office for the purpose of photographing various clues. Of course, their phone was the tool used for this particular purpose, but it is amusing to note that drones will be an option in the finished game as well.


Summed up, Judge Eyes is looking as though it is going to be another game patterned after Japanese crime drama. However, this one will be examining things from the other side of the law, which should make for a familiar but nonetheless new and intriguing feel for Yakuza fans. If the team behind the Yakuza series can bring all of their considerable expertise and experience to this project, there is sound reason for interested individuals to be enthusiastic.