World Of Final Fantasy Maxima TGS 2018 Trailer



What Is World of Final Fantasy?


World of Final Fantasy was a Square Enix RPG that was released for the PS4 and PS Vita in 2016, for the PC in 2017, and then for the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch in 2018. The title was supposed to be a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, which is why it featured a return to turn-based battles as well as the appearances of a wide range of characters from a wide range of previous Final Fantasy games.


Story-wise, World of Final Fantasy is centered on a pair of twins named Lann and Reynn, who possess a power that enables them to control the monsters that inhabit the world of Grymoire. The twins are traveling throughout Grymoire for the purpose of recovering their lost memories, but in the process of doing so, they become involved in the conflicts that divide the world, with examples ranging from the rivalries of the Lilikins to the threat of the invading Bahamutians.


What Is World of Final Fantasy Maxima?


On the whole, World of Final Fantasy was well-received, which explains why it is receiving an enhanced edition called World of Final Fantasy Maxima. The recent reveal trailer wasn’t as informative as it could have been, but it nonetheless provided interested individuals with some information about what to expect. For example, there will be new monsters as well as new appearances by characters from other Final Fantasy games, with Lightning and Noctis having received mentions.







Likewise, the Avatar Change system means that the lead characters can change into characters from other Final Fantasy games, which should please those who are enthused by the game’s crossover nature. On top of this, the trailer even showed off a little of its new fishing mini-game, which will see Noctis take center stage.