Metroid Prime 3: Corruption cheats



Metroid Prime 3 Has Its Unlockables


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption came with its fair share of unlockables. As a result, players might want to check out a list of what can be found to make sure that they don’t miss out on any of the possibilities.


What Are Some Examples?


First, Metroid Prime 3 comes with an additional difficulty called Hyper Mode. To unlock it, players don’t have to do anything besides beating the game, meaning that this one is something that will probably be unlocked sooner or later by most players.


Second, Metroid Prime 3 has an ending that changes depending on the amount of progress that the player has made. For example, players can ensure an extended version of the ending by unlocking at least 75 percent of the suit upgrades. Likewise, players can unlock a secret clip that plays after the credits provided that they have collected 100 pickups.


Third, there are a bunch of neat bonuses can be found in Metroid Prime 3. One example consists of the bumper stickers can be unlocked by having certain games on the system memory for the Wii. Some of those games include Wii SportsSuper Paper Mario, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Another example consists of the secret messages from various people involved in the making of Metroid Prime 3, which can be played by entering the right sequence of symbols on the radio in Samus’s ship. For instance, a message from Iwata can be unlocked by entering the second, the seventh, the fifth, and the first symbols, while a message from Shigeru Miyamoto can be unlocked by entering the eighth, third, fifth, and fourth symbols.


On a final note, it should be mentioned that there is a way to reveal the locations of most of the items that can be found in Metroid Prime 3, which should make finding them much easier for interested individuals. In short, the player needs to start by going to the part of Skytown where they got the first part of the bomb that they had to make. There, they should be able to find some Phazite situated close to the bottom. By shooting a switch, they can activate the satellite system. After which, they can use the spiderball tracks at the top to bomb the bomb slots for the sake of getting the desired information. Please note that this won’t unlock the locations of the items in the Valhalla.



Defeating Aurora Unit 313 (with Dark Samus inside)


Dodge all of its attacks while trying to destroy the tentacles. Shoot into the hole the tentacles go into when they are yellow. After it falls to the ground, grapple its head, and pull off the cover. Charge up your Hyperbeam, and blow it up. Repeat this until it is dead. When Dark Samus’ come out, destroy them quickly. They are easier to defeat then the other Dark Samus clones.


Defeating Dark Samus


Charge up your Hyper Beam, and hit her with it while dodging her attacks. If she floats into the air, destroy her. She will try to heal. When the clones start appearing, destroy them with your charged Hyper Beam, and get back to the real Samus. She should be dead soon.


Defeating Elysia (Seed Boss)


When he is exposed, keep shooting him with single shots from your plasma gun. At certain times during the fight, you will not be able to hurt him. Scan him with your visor, and it will tell you how to get him exposed to your shots. He will have many different forms in which you have to make him exposed. After many shots to his body, he will open up. Go into Hyper mode, and shoot him, making sure he does not run into you. Keep doing this until he has been defeated.


Defeating the Leviathan Infant


In the room before Dark Samus on planet Phaaze, there is a small Leviathan seed in the middle. Pull off the two sides of it using your Grapple Beam first. Then while dodging and blowing up Metroids, shoot the Leviathan Infant inside with single shots from your Hyper Beam. It will continually switch sides; follow it. After doing this for a few mintues, it should die.


Defeating Metroid Hatchers


Start by shooting its tentacles until they are all retracted. Then, shoot him in the mouth repeatedly until grapple symbols appear. Use them to rip off its tentacles. After all four are gone, it will be dead.


Use the following trick to kill Metroid Hatchers and Metroids with one hit. It requires the Nova Beam and X-ray Visor. Turn on your X-ray, and lock on to either a Metroid Hatcher or Metroid. When you lock on, you will see a red spot and an “up close” of the enemy will appear. If you can shoot this spot, the creature will die instantly. Note: These are not the only creatures this affects. Pirate Commandos are also affected, and this technique must be used on Omega Ridley.


Defeating Mogner War Golem (Boss of Bryyo)


To defeat Mogner War Golem (Boss of Bryyo), first dodge and jump over all of his attacks. While doing this, use missiles and your Power Beam to blow up the red orbs on his chest. Try this order: first the stomach, then the shoulders, and finally the back. Shoot them until they are giving off white light. Then, use your Hyperbeam to blow up the now white orb. Do this for all four of them. After you destroy one, the Golem will try to run into you and use his “little jump and create waves of pain” attack. Every time he is about to jump, use Morph Ball Bombs on his feet. They should explode, and you can continue fighting him. Also, when he starts to make red orbs come to his hands, blow them up or you will have to destroy his orbs again.


Defeating Omega Ridley


Once the battle begins, try not to get hit. Besides that, just shoot him in the mouth whenever you get the chance. When he is stunned, rip open his chest with your Grapple Beam, go into Hyper mode, and shoot away. Repeat this until he gets armor over his chest. When he is stunned, go into your X-ray Visor, and shoot his shoulders. You will then be able to shoot his chest. Use Hyper mode, and kill him.


Defeating Pirate Berserkers


Use the following trick when you encounter a Pirate Berserker (which happens often). This large creature has two red lights on its shoulders. While dodging its shots and “waves of pain”, destroy these lights using your beam and missiles. When they are both destroyed, wait for it to shoot purple orbs. Dodge the red ones, as they will hurt you. Shoot the purple orbs, and they will fly back at him. After doing this approximately three times, a red light should pop up on his head. Go into Hyper mode, and start shooting at it.


Defeating Pirate Commandos


Select your X-ray Visor, then lock onto a Pirate Commando. A small screen will appear showing an “up close” of the Commando. You should now be able to see a small red spot where its face should be. If you can manage to shoot this spot, he will die instantly. Two to five rapid fire shots usually kill them.


Defeating the Boss guarding the Nova Beam


Kill all the Space Pirates except for one. When the sucking beam enters the room, kill the Space Pirate and it will get sucked into the beam. Then, look up to see four panels. Shoot one until it explodes. Repeat this until you have shot all four.